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Sherwood Forest is home to the legendary Robin of Loxley. Robin has long been hailed as valiant, since he reallocated the royal treasury from behind castle walls, delivering his ill-gotten gains into the hands of those in need.  We have been taught that such people are heroes,which plays into the notion that the ends justifies the means. Not only do I have a problem with Robin's behavior, I promise that I will not be stealing from the rich, to give to the poor. Instead, I will be relieving Robin of his hero duties, as a reminder that people can 'be' and 'do' better.


With this lesson in mind, I have decided to take a step back from being so "out there" in the community, in order to reclaim and contribute in ways that hold meaning for me. Proudly Banished is the first step in a more positive direction.


And it goes without saying, there will be reclamation gifts!


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The Proudly Banished Outlaw is a tribute to those who stand for what is right, with the hope that things can and will  change.


This site is divided into 4 "Prison" Sections, all dedicated to Social Pioneers who have inspired my life.  Each Prison has been stormed and reclaimed as a place from which  Sim creations will be 'liberated'!

Note:  Click on the underlined Prison Name to visit that page.

Birmingham Jail (Inspiration: Martin Luther King)

This jail has been reclaimed as a storage building for refurbished Sims 2 items. It houses my latest Sims 2 Recolors.

Aga Khan Palace Institution (Inspiration: Mahatma Gandhi)

This prison has been reclaimed as a place to find themes  (to include new lots) for your Sims. It houses my latest Sims 2 Themes.  Over time, this section may include specific themes like Beach or holiday themes. It may also include period themes, like Modern, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Steampunk, Medieval, Asian, Fantasy or Science Fiction lots.  Lot Style will be identified in the descriptions.


Robben Island Institution (Inspiration: Nelson Mandela)

This prison has been reclaimed as a museum to house "a few of my Favorite Sims 2 creations". This section houses a small portion of my Older Sims 2 creations, not available on Mod the Sims, The Sims Resource, Sims 2 Artists or Nixed Sims.

Roen Castle Prison (Inspiration: Joan of Arc)

Roen Castle Prison is all about my friendship with RedSonja. While I haven't physically met her in person, Red is definitely the type of friend that I'd globe trot with and share my deepest secrets (as if I have many to tell). In honoring that friendship, I am leaving this page opened to anything fabulous RedSonja wishes to share or things we work on collaboratively.  After all, a girl's gotta have a Simming BFF.

Other Notes:

* The Website Header includes a News Link and the Site Menu. These items are at the top of every page for your convenience. There are also Arrow Up Buttons that take you to the "Top of the Page". This page includes a few direct links (by clicking on the jail names) and anchors between theMenu at the top of the page and the Subtitles.

* I included a list of frequented Sims 2 websites in the Footer.  This list is not meant in any way to exclude any other Sims 2 websites. It's simply a starting point.  ♥‿↼

* Downloads are accessed by clicking on the images. A few of the downloads images are direct links. However, most of the download images refer you to the download link by clicking on "Go to Link". Some of the downloads have Slideshow Buttons for more details about the download.

* Custom Content Credit can be found in the Descriptions or in the Text Files in the Downloads.

* I have interjected a sampling of "History" (pertaining to the four Social Activist mentioned above)  towards the bottom of each page. 。◕‿◕。

*Please don't hesitate to send me a pm if any Image, Slideshow or Download Links are broken.  I can only fix them if I am aware. Also, let me know if you have any issues with any of my creations. I truly don't mind at all. ✉ Thanks!


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Stepping Back and Moving On

After the series of events at Plumbbob Keep that lead to my husband and I being banned and ultimately banished, I realized (even as it was happening) that there was more to the story than meets the eye. 

Since "Proudly Banished" is my way of taking back my power as I move on, I will simply say that nothing that transpired should have happened. As a direct result of the negative environment simmering beneath the surface, prior to my direct involvement, I personally bear no shame in being banished for speaking against what I believe to be unjust for the larger community. It is a price I willingly pay, as there are times in life when individuals must stand for causes greater than the self. I truly don't know how to be any other way.

With these things said, I would like to extend gratitude to the community on behalf of both my husband and myself. Thank you to the PBK Community for all you have shared of yourselves and for allowing both David and me to be a part of your world over the years. We both have made wonderful new connections and have bonded with so many extraordinary souls. While we are moving on, our memories of all that is good in PBK will carry on with us. Our apologies for any projects left incomplete. That was never the intention.


In moving forward, David will be sharing and updating his projects on MTS and I will be letting go of past projects and working only from inspiration, since I will not be Simming as much. Thank you for your love and support over the years. Thank you for trusting us during difficult times. Thank you for your shared stories, recolors, lots, objects and any other Sim-related gifts. Thank you for the good times and for the laughter. The best of happiness in life and in Simming.

-Stephanie and David


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Contact Information

While this website is a blog, I have decided to intentionally disable the comments sections. Since I am pursuing other interests that are not Sims related to restore balance into my life, I do not wish to be bound to Proudly Banished. Feel free to browse the site and Download whatever you wish. While I will still be 'out and about' in the Community to show my support, I will only 'occasionally' get involved beyond what I share here and commenting on sites that inspire me or inspire an overall sense of community.

Links toWebsites Where I Have Things Posted:

* The Sims Resource 1 and 2

* Mod the Sims 2

* Sims 2 Artists

* Nixed Sims 2

Contacting Me About Older Files

For now,I will display a sampling of my Older Downloads in the Robben Island Vaults, here on Proudly Banished. On occaccasion, I will add other files. Please let me know (via e-mail below) if there is a specific file you are seeking that is not posted, and I will get back to you (as soon as possible). Since my creations belong to the Sims 2 Community,  sharing them with the masses brings me solace. Hopefully, these random gifts provide a little joy to others and small breaks from routine living. Sharing is also my way of giving back to this community, that has been a respite for me over the years as well. Thank you.

StephSim Policy:

While I do prefer credit for my creations, links are not necessary. Anything I've shared is File Share Friendly and meant to be used and enjoyed by everyone. You are free to use my textures as needed, and to enjoy the recolors and lots  in ways that work for you. If you use anything I've shared in your Sim pictures or stories, I'd love for you to share  a link so I can see a glimpse of your Simming world!

If you need to contact me for any reason, please fill in the form below and drop me an e-mail:

With these things said: "Enjoy the the Downloads", "Happy Simming" and "Hope to See You Around".


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