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"I am in Birmingham because injustice is here ...I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere...Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly."      -Martin Luther King


Here you are encouraged to "liberate" a treasure of  Sims 2 Recolors.

Download Instructions:

Click on each image below for a larger view and to access download details. Once the image opens, click "Go to Link" to activate the Download. Images are included in each Download.

All necessary meshes are included or links to the meshes are provided.


StephSim Build Mode and Outdoor Recolors

ATS2 Deco Magazine Racks (6)
This Download contains 6 recolors of the ATS Decorative News Kiosk Stand. These are all in Simlish and contain magazines prevalent during Victorian times. I used these with an invisible recolor of Nixnivis' medieval book stacks. Shout out to Nix! Be sure to download the Magazine racks below by clicking the "Go to Link". And also grab the invisible Nixnivis' TSM Book Stack, just below the image. Outside reading at it's best!
AL Knock on Wood Shelves (12)
Here you will find 12 recolors of the Knock on Wood Shelves from Apartment Life 6 of the 1x1 Shelf and 6 of the 2x1 Shelf.
Aytinap Cupola 4 RECs (7)
This download includes 7 recolors of Aytinap's Cupola #4.
Credit to Aytinap of Patchwork Sims.
Aytinap Finial 2 RECs (7)
This download includes 7 recolors of Aytinap's Finial #2.
Credit for the mesh goes to Aytinap of Patchwork Sims 2.
BV Solidity Carved Hotel Doors (6)
This download includes 6 Bon Voyage Hotel Doors. These doors compliment Red Sonja's Carved Wood Wall Set.
BG Walnut Door RECs (6)
This set includes 6 Carved Wood recolors for the Maxis Walnut Doors (from simple to ornate). When paired with LeeFish's Walnut Sliding Door and RedSonja's Carved Wood Walls, it is great for Victorian Houses. Credit to LeeFish and RedSonja.
Becks Vintage Adult Bikes (2)
These are two Vintage recolors of Rebecah's Adult Rideable Bike. These resemble the classic Safety Bicycle.
Do-it-Yourself OMSP Table Kit
I needed a multi-slot OMSP for decorating purposes and decided to have my hubby indulge me. I also needed a decorative metal bit for my DIY London Call Box and edited the Seasons Planter to get it. Then, I decided to combine the two to create a DIY Table. So, you have 2 items with 3 purposes! Enjoy.
DragonSlave Steampunk Horse
This is a recolor of DragonSlave's horse. It is the Steampunk version of a Mechanical Horse. It goes great with the Steampunk Flyer version of Heget's Raeda Carriage. Credit to DragonSlave.
BG SCTC Community Phone (2)
This download includes 2 Subdued recolors of the EA Community Phone with a Wood Body and a Vintage Design. When used with Michelle's invisible REC, the Cover and Light can be made invisible as well. Credit to Michelle for her Invisible recolor.
FeeEssen Smoke Alarm Bells (12)
This wonderful smoke alarm will make a great addition to any home where you need something more "vintage" to fit the decor. It comes in 4 wood colors, with 3 bell colors for each. Enjoy.
FeeEssen WheelBarrow (2)
There are 2 antique wheelbarrow recolors included here. Mesh credit goes to FeeEssen.
Heget Raeda Carriage (21)
This Download contains 21 recolors of Heget's Driveable Raeda Carriage. It has been given a Victorian-ish makeover and includes versions for Taxis, Weddings, Funerals, Shops, Grunge, Steampunk and Home Use. Credit to Heget.
Jope Watering Cans (7)
This set of larger watering cans has created using a Simply Styling mesh. There are 3 solid colors, 3 patterned and 1 rustic can. Mesh Credit goes to Jope.
Krabaten Garden Benches (7)
Krabaten, whose work could be found on Anno Sims, created this lovely bench. I love the design and thought it be great in a few "vintage" shades. This set includes 1 wrought iron recolor, 3 woods and 2 combination benches. Enjoy.
Lama Stone Ornament (3)
This decorative element was created by Lady Lama, as a part of her Stone Mason set at The Medieval Smithy. I created 3 recolors for my own purposes, but I thought others might find use for these as well. Enjoy!
Maylin Deco London Post Box
This is a Black and Gold recolor of Maylin's London Post Box Cover. Mesh credit goes to Maylin.
NMS Deco Potting Bench (5)
I really love this decorative Bench by Nemestnaya. It would only be made better by have slots added to it. Since that is out of my range of abilities at the moment, I have provided a multi-slot OMSP in this thread. Grab that and enjoy the 5 recolors shared here.
NMS - Watering Cans (10)
Nemestnaya's Flea Market set includes a small watering can. You will find 10 "vintage" recolors of that can in this download. Credit for the mesh goes to Nemestnaya.
OFB Floral WorkStation (6)
Here you will find 6 Vintage recolors of the Maxis OFB Floral Workstation. It was fun giving the object a new look. Enjoy!
SophiSim Garden Sets (4)
I have used this set in my gardens for years, but have never seen any recolors of it. Here are 4 recolors in gold, black, deep red and faded blue (with interchangeable subsets for mix-and-match). Enjoy!
Sam Black Deco Sunbrella RECs (10)
There are 10 Vintage Recolors of Sam Black's Sunbrella Conversion. Credit for the mesh goes to Sam Black.
Sims Connection Garden Tools (17)
This is a somewhat "Vintage" collection of eclectic tools for your Sim gardens. There are soiled and cleaned versions included in this set. All credit for the meshes goes to Sims Connection. Now repository, with the shovel as the Primary Mesh.
Yolartut Deco Mailbox #8 RECs (4)
This is a decorative Wall Mailbox in 4 colors: Black, Red, Green and Blue. Credit for the mesh goes to Yolartut.
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StephSim Buy Mode Recolors

Adele Persianesque Seating (28)
This download includes 28 recolors of Adele's Persanesque Seating (Ottoman and Loveseat). The Ottoman is the Master, so it is included in the zip for the Loveseat to show in game. These recolors remove the pillows. Credits to Adele for the Meshes.
AnYe Vintage Secretaire Tables (3)
The Download Link below includes 3 recolors of Anye's small Secretary Mini Table. Credit goes to Anye of Pink Box.
AnYe Vintage Small Tables (4)
Here you will find 4 unique recolors of Anye's Vintage Small Table. All credit for the mesh goes to Anye of Pink Box.
Azaya's BV CashCraft Typewriter (7)
Here you will find 7 recolors of Cashcrafts Vintage Typewriter, updated for the BV Version by Azaya. Please be sure to click on the Blue Tab below the image to get the BV mesh.
BG Boudoir Bedding (2)
Here you will find 2 recolors for your Vintage decorating purposes. Credit to Raikus for the original texture used on the red bedding.
BG Discourse Dining Table (16)
Here you will find 16 recolors of the Base Game Discourse Dining Table. Enjoy!
CRS Victorian Furniture Sets (4)
Here you will find 4 recolors of the CrowRidgeStudio's Victorian Living Room set. All credits for the meshes goes to CrowRidgeStudio.
CuriousB VitaSim Truffle Beds (9)
Here you will find 9 recolors of the VitaSim Truffle Bed, converted by Curious B. Credit for the original goes to VitaSim and for the conversion goes to Curious B.
CuriousB VitaSim Truffle Tables (6)
This download contains 6 recolors of the Truffle End Table for your Simming needs. Credit for the original mesh goes to VitaSim and for the conversion Curious B.
DGandy 2009 June 09 Vase (28)
The connecting download includes 28 recolors of DGandy's June 9th vase.All credit goes to DGandy for the mesh.
DGandy Oval Paintings (43)
There are 43 Photo images and 10 Frame recolors in this download of Dgandy's Oval Painting. All credit for the mesh goes to Dgandy.
Earth Goddess Nursery Hampers (3)
Here you find 3 recolors Earth Goddesses Nursery Hamper. Mesh Credit to Earth Goddess
Eva Bakery Automatic Mixer (4)
Here you will find 4 recolors of Eva's Bakery Automatic Mixer. This is a decorative object. Credit to Eva for the mesh.
HCove Luna Chaise Lounge (3)
There are 3 recolors of HCove's conversion of the Luna Chaise Lounge. Credits to Luna Sims and HCove.
Holy Simoly Victorian Bedskirt (18)
Here you will find 18 Vintage recolors of the Holy Simoly Bedskirt. Mesh Credit to Holy Simoly Sims 2.
Ireland4Brains Butcher Table (10)
The attached download contains 10 recolors of Ireland 4 Brains Butcher Block Table. Credit for the mesh goes to I4B.
Kativip Vanity Chairs (168)
Since this chair is not repositoried, I did create 168 recolors. Credit for the mesh goes to Kativip.
Kativip Vanity Desk Tables (12)
There are 12 vintage-style Vanity Desk (Tables) in this download. Credit for the mesh goes to Kativip.
Kativip Victorian Dining Chairs (7)
There are 7 recolors of the Victorian Dining Chair to match the 7 Victorian Tables by Kativip. Enjoy the download.
Kativip Victorian Dining Table (7)
This download contains 7 Victorian Table Recolors to match the Victorian Chairs. Credit for the mesh goes to Kativip.
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Thank you for liberating a few downloads! Enjoy and Happy Simming!


Macarossi Embossed Sofas (8)
There are 8 Redwood Vintage recolors of the sofa. Mesh Credit goes to Macarossi.
Mystic Rain EL Cushions (34)
Vintage Set 1 of Mystic Rain's Earth Living Cushions. Mesh credit belongs to Mystic Rain.
Mystic Rain EL Cushions (25)
This is the second set of Vintage Earth Living Cushions and includes Cushions 35-60. Credit for the Mesh goes to Mystic Rain.
NixNivis Exercise Mat (3)
This download includes 3 recolors of NixNivis's Exercise Mat. It's ideal for Period hoods and also includes a built-in invisible recolor. Credit for the mesh goes to Nix.
Numenor Vertical Magazine Racks (5)
This download includes 5 Vintage recolors of Numenor's Magazine Rack. The Vertical Rack requires the Horizontal Rack to show in game Credit to Numenor for the Meshes.
OFB Sun King Dressers (18)
This download includes 18 Vintage recolors of the Sun King Dresser from Opened for Business. They are primarily of aged wood and redwood variety, with patterned tops. Enjoy!
Parsimonious Alarm Covers (35)
There are 35 Parsimonious Sims 2 recolors of the Wood Cutter Burglar Alarm Cover Painting. It can also be used independently, as painting as well. Enjoy.
Sims In Paris Bedroom 03 (3 Sets)
This download includes 3 Beds and 3 deco Pillow recolors. Credit for the meshes go to Sims in Paris.
Sims in Paris Kids 3 Painting (62)
There are 62 recolors of the Nursery Painting from room 3. There are 3 Basic Sets, Thomas Kincaide, Vintage (to include Rossetti and Waterhouse), and some created to compliment the Ravendancer Witches Academy. Credit goes to Sims in Paris for the mesh and to the respective artists for the artwork.
UPDATED Simtomatic Rugs (34)
This download has been updated to prevent glass objects from bleeding through the rugs. Three new Bamboo Rugs have been added and there are now 34 recolors total of the Simtomatic Repository Rug set. All credit for the meshes go to Simtomatic.
Suza Bolster Pillows (12)
This download includes 12 Medium Suza Bolster Pillows. The mesh included has been made Adjustable Heights. All credit for the mesh goes to Suza from Simply Styling.
Suza Nursery Hamper (2)
Here you will find 2 recolors of the Suza Nursery Hamper in Vintage designs. The Pink and White version is the Mesh. All credit goes to Suza and Simply Styling.
Tarox Cottage Pianos (18)
This download includes 18 recolors of the Tarox Cottage piano. Mesh credit goes to Tarox Sims 2.
Thunderwitch Coffee Grinders (2)
This download includes 2 recolors of Thunderwitches Antique Coffee Grinder. Mesh credit goes to Thunderwitch of Blacky Sims Zoo.
TNW Roccoco Desks (16)
Here you will find 16 recolors of The Ninth Wave's Roccoco Desk. Credit for the mesh goes to Jon.
VampireKiss Phonographs (7)
There are 7 recolors of VampireKisses Vintage Victrola. Credit for the mesh goes to Vamp.
Yolartut LOTV Tablecloths (10)
Here you will find 10 recolors of Yolartut's Lily of the Valley 2x1 Tablecloths. Credits to Yolartut and Lily of the Valley.
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Martin Luther King was a pioneer and a maverick of change through peace. He gave his life to combat inequality and racial injustice. In April of 1963, King was arrested for holding a protest against the treatment of Blacks in Alabama. He wrote "Letters from Birmingham" during that 8 day period. He was a man of great passion and who dedicated himself to helping to reshape the racial landscape in the United States, and left an impression on the world. See the links at the end of this page to learn more about Martin Luther King.

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